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Are you Planning on Driving in Sicily?

October 19, 2019

This morning, while driving in Catania, Sicily, I suddenly found myself avoiding being hit. I managed to dodge a car cutting in front of my path from the lane to my right, and at the same time, one doing the same from the lane to my left. The sensation that arose in me brought me back to my younger years when I would drive Bumper Cars at the Amusement Park!

While feeling relieved when I managed to avoid being hit, I starting to think. What would it be like to drive in Sicily for any driver who has never experienced this kind of “unruly” driving?

With so many visitors renting cars and driving around Sicily, I feel compelled to share the following thoughts regarding driving in Sicily.

1. Be aware that many drivers in Sicily do not follow the road code.

2. Many drivers in Sicily do not stop at pedestrian crossings; you may want to flash your emergency lights when you stop at a pedestrian crossing to avoid being hit.

3. The STOP sign is often not respected so watch out and do not assume those with a stop sign will stop.

4. Be prepared to have scooters passing you right and left and cutting into your path.

5. Do not get angry. Just practise patience and caution.

Naturally, there are also positive sides to driving in Sicily. The greatest is the scenery and natural beauty one encounters. To end on a positive note, I will close with just one of the many beautiful images drivers in Sicily can enjoy while patiently experiencing the unruly driving.

Mt. Etna

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