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A Living Bridge

March 18, 2022

Home to me means both USA and Sicily and I am the bridge between the two. I also have a physical home in each location.

In November 2019, I left my home in Sicily to return to the one in the USA. I never dreamt what was about to happen. When the Pandemic hit in March 2020, I was home in Virginia.

Mount Etna seen from the Port of Ognina in Catania, Sicily

Although physically located in the USA, I was connected to my other home across the ocean. To make that even more tangible, in Spring 2020, major maintenance needed to be carried out in my home in Sicily. Due to the pandemic, I could not travel back. Thanks to modern technology and some awesome folks, I was able to manage months of work from across the ocean.

Soon I will physically travel back home to Sicily. At that time, I will have been physically away 500 days.

Among the many activities I carry out in Sicily, I look forward to my morning walks along the coast. During my walk, I stop at a kiosk for an espresso with the view of the sea.

I will return to my volcano, Mt. Etna, and feel the energy it emanates.

I will return to favorite places……and embrace once again family and friends very dear to me…..

At the end of my path on my morning walks, I walk by my favorite statue shown below. It portrays a Mother and Child. This statue is a lovely reminder that my own children, grandchildren, “adopted” ones too, are always with me virtually and I will be reunited with them when I return home to the USA on the other side of my bridge.

  1. Rosanna, what a great blogpost!!! I will be thinking of you as you travel the bridge! I love you sweet friend!


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